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Stainless steel jewelry | WhatsApp: +599 9 66 66 305

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How it all started old

    • In 2017 I set up a webshop in The Netherlands. I established the jewelry brand 'MindPiece' which is still the brand Jewel Junkie sells. 
    • In 2018 / 2019 I started Jewel Junkie  as people began to ask me: "Why don't you sell the jewelry pieces in Curaçao too?". I thought: 'why not, as I already live in Curaçao?'. I started small, and maybe even inattentive.
    • In December 2019 I attended several Christmas markets. My husband helped me. I was nervous! Would people on the island love my jewelry? 
    • From 2020 to 2022 I have served a lot of women on Curaçao. There are a lot of loyal customers (thank you!). We have +140 positive reviews. Only started collecting them since March 2022.