Our story

Hi sunny girls! Wouldn't it be marvelous to build our island into a place where we can get inspirational jewelry items for a reasonable price? Or buy a nice present? Are you also tired of paying import duties and transportation costs?

Of course we can shop on the island but we noticed a lot of island girls shop abroad. Online or even leaving the island for a shop-till-you drop holiday. Luckily we get more and more attractive shops on the island. Good for us!

It is our goal to contribute by offering Jewel Junkie pieces and to keep on renewing and expanding the collection. Check the collection and get your order right in front of your door. 

Support us and let's start right now! Please take a look at the MindPiece bracelets and necklaces. We are sure there is a quote that suits you as it reminds you or motivates you. 

- Team Jewel Junkie.