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Stainless steel jewelry | WhatsApp: +599 9 66 66 305

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My name is Anita, and I am a Jewel Junkie too.

It is my mission to make you smile with my jewelry. 

Probably you are on this page because you want to know see who is the person behind the scenes.

I am a beach lover, a bookwurm and body pump addict.

    • In 2017 I set up a webshop in The Netherlands. I established the jewelry brand 'MindPiece' which is still the brand Jewel Junkie sells. 
    • In 2018 / 2019 I started Jewel Junkie  as people began to ask me: "Why don't you sell the jewelry pieces in Curaçao too?". I thought: 'why not, as I already live in Curaçao?'. I started small, and maybe even inattentive.
    • In December 2019 I attended several Christmas markets. My husband helped me. I was nervous! Would people on the island love my jewelry? 
    • From 2020 to 2022 I have served a lot of women on Curaçao. There are a lot of loyal customers (thank you!). We have +140 positive reviews. Only started collecting them since March 2022.

      I love to connect with my customers, and hear their ideas. Love to hear they buy it as gifts, and they bring the Jewel Junkie gifts everywhere around the world.

      Besides selling to private customers, I also do wholesale for retailers. My bracelets are even available in Sweden.

      Well, I hope to meet you! If you have any questions, please send me a WhatsApp: +599 9 66 66 305. Also if you want a coffee with me =)